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We provide Grease Trap Cleaning to commercial businesses including Cafes, restaurants, canteens, hotels, bars, take-away shops and all commercial food preparation areas.

Disposing properly of used fats and oils is very important. If you don’t, they can cause expensive problems later. Fats will become solid and eventually block your pipes requiring a plumber to clear.

There are many different types of grease traps. Each has its own installation and maintenance requirements.

These are normally found outside your premises. Located in the ground, they are often covered by metal plates. Passive grease traps work by cooling down the waste water causing the fats and oils to float to the surface of the water. Other solid material, such as food scraps, sinks to the bottom of the grease trap.

The fat on top and the solids on the bottom of the grease trap need to be removed regularly. This is done by sucking up the entire contents of the trap.

After cleaning, the grease trap must be filled with cold water so it is ready to work again. Cleaning the trap should be done regularly – once a month is usually alright but it will depend on your type of business and how much fat is going into the grease trap.

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